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El Color del CamaleonAndres Lubbert

10 years after the death of Chilean dictator Pinochet, director Andres Lubbert from Leuven brings the story of one of the many people whose lives have been touched by this turbulent period: Lubbert's own father. El Color del Camaleon is a story that not only talks about the past, but uses the past to show its impact on today's world. The story of a father that is seeking inner-peace and a son searching for answers in an open and sincere dialogue with his own father.

During the Pinochet regime, the 21-year-old Jorge falls into the hands of the Chilean secret services, forcing him to work for them in a particularly violent way. Through all sorts of manipulation and espionage techniques, they try to turn Jorge into a secret agent. But Jorge escapes and flees to East Berlin. Eventually he enters Belgium, where he is a respected war cameraman and able to start his family. His son Andrés is now looking for answers regarding his incomplete Chilean past and what made his father who he is.
El Color del Camaleon is an intimate story. Father and son return to the places of which Jorge thought he would never visit them. They find an old STASI file and try to reconstruct the dark past. More than that, the film is an openhearted story about the lack of dialogue between a father and a son and an intriguing universal story about the dark side of the human condition, in which life and all choices in it are more complex than they may seem at first.

Portret Family

Vertoond op editie(s) 2017
Screened at edition(s) 2017


Directed by Andres Lubbert
Belgium, Chili
87 min.
Dutch, German, Spanish
Subtitles: Dutch


Belgian selection


Andres Lubbert


Eric Goossens en Frederik Nikolai

Production company

Off World, Blume Producciones


David Bravo


Guillermo Badilla Coto


Alejandro Rivas Cottle

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