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God Knows Where I AmJedd Wider, Todd Wider

A woman's body is found in an abandoned house. Next to her body lie hundreds of clock-houses and a diary in which she precisely describes her last months. In that diary she warns any potential reader that when her body is found, police must be alerted. Not the local sheriff – because he is part of the conspiracy – but the FBI.

God Knows Where I Am is a reconstruction of an extremely bizar story, worth the jury prize at the renowned documentary festival Hotdocs. With an intense tenderness, God Knows Where I Am slowly but surely reveals the ravage of a confusing mental illness when all help fails. With the diary, we get to know a woman who lost her mental health and, in turn, her life. 
Directors Jedd and Todd Wilder bring, with much tenderness, the story of Linda Bishop, a woman with a serious bipolar disorder that has lived as a prisoner of her own mind, surviving on apples and rainwater. With help of the diary, images of the location and a story of those who stay behind - her sister, a friend, her daughter and the owner of the abandoned house - we get to know a woman who lost her mental health and, in turn, her life. An livid example of a failing health-care system. Strong, poignant, but also tragically comical: an unforgettable movie.

Psychology Portret Visually stunning

Vertoond op editie(s) 2017
Screened at edition(s) 2017


Directed by Jedd Wider, Todd Wider
97 min.
No subtitles


International selection


Jedd Wider, Todd Wider


Jedd Wider, Todd Wider

Production company

Wider Film Projects


Gerardo Puglia


Keiko Deguchi


Paul Cantelon, Ivor Guest, Robert Logan

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