Life in the Time of Refuge

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DOCVILLE 2017 is voorbij, de volgende editie is gepland tussen 21-29 maart 2018. Onderstaande informatie slaat op de editie van 2017.
DOCVILLE 2017 has passed, the next edition will be March 21-29th 2018. The information below refers to the 2017 edition.

Life in the Time of Refuge

Directed by David Gough
Belgium | 10 min. | (no subtitles)

Get carried away in the life of a Syrian boy who has a physical growth problem. You get a look inside the refugee camp in Lebanon where he stayed for over three years. You’ll follow him towards his new dwelling place in Finland and experience how it is to live as a refugee.

Life in the Time of Refuge tells the story of the 9 year old Omar, a Syrian boy who lived for three years in a refugee camp in the North of Lebanon. There were no resources to treat him for his hormone deficiency which was hindering his physical growth. Not so long ago, he and his family were fortunate and were able to move to Finland where Omar could get the proper treatment. Life in the Time of Refuge is a story of hope in a situation surrounded by despair. 
This VR-documentary is produced by A Mad Productions – a production house situated in Ghent – and was made together with the United Nations. Have a look around in the refugee camp, follow the footsteps of the refugees and immerse yourself in an apparently hopeless situation.



Producer David Gough
Cinematography Thomas Maddens