Real food for real people

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DOCVILLE 2017 is voorbij, de volgende editie is gepland tussen 21-29 maart 2018. Onderstaande informatie slaat op de editie van 2017.
DOCVILLE 2017 has passed, the next edition will be March 21-29th 2018. The information below refers to the 2017 edition.

Real food for real people

Directed by Laura Zuallaert
Belgium, Denmark | 21 min. | Danish, English (Dutch subtitled)

Following the Danish project as described in the documentary Real Food for Real People, the organization Vredeseilanden (Islands of Freedom) started a pilot project in a number of Flemish schools, including a school in Leuven.

The project 'Good Food @ School' propagates a sustainable nutrition through limiting and confining the production, preparation and consumption of food products within the territory of each city concerned. Students of all ages are involved in the projects, at all levels. Mrs. Annelies Houpline, delegate of the organization Vredeseilanden and leader of the project in Leuven, will be joining Mohamed Ridouani (Municipal councilor of Education and Environment of Leuven) and Kwinten De Paepe (o.v.), to explain and discuss the project and the documentary.




Producer Laura Zuallaert