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SacredThomas Lennon

At a time when religion particularly carries the bitter aftertaste of extremism, Oscar winning Thomas Lennon provides us with a surprisingly enthusiastic and lively exploration of what faith means for the human being. A global collaboration between no less than 40 film crews brings a diverse and dynamic portrait of faith as an intense and varied human experience.

What does faith mean in a lifetime? How do prayer and rituals impact daily life? How do they help during crucial moments in life, milestones from birth to death? From the Semana Sancta in Spain, over the initiation in Myanmar, to the honouring of the dead in Madagascar. From mass meetings in full regalia to intimate testimonies: Sacred takes you on an exciting journey through various forms of belief.
Director Thomas Lennon has no less than three Oscar nominations to his name (The Battle Over Citizen Kane (1996), The Blood of Yingzhou District (2006) and last but not least: The Warriors of Qiugang (2010)), for which he took home the prize. For Sacred, Lennon collaborated with 40 film crews from all over the world to make this inspiring – and at times extremely beautiful – movie about the sacred part of life in all its forms

Vertoond op editie(s) 2017
Screened at edition(s) 2017


Directed by Thomas Lennon
87 min.
No subtitles


International selection


Thomas Lennon


Thomas Lennon

Production company

WLIW New York


Haider Ali, Tamer Ashry, Matt Baguinon, Artur Bergart, Peter Buntaine, Herve Cohen, Dinesh Deokota, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Michael Hadener, George Lewis, James Longley, Michal Marczak, Patrick McLaughlin, Colin Morvan, Masanori Nagi, Jonathan Rapoport


Nick August-Perna, Maeve O'Boyle


Edward Bilous

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