The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse

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DOCVILLE 2017 is voorbij, de volgende editie is gepland tussen 21-29 maart 2018. Onderstaande informatie slaat op de editie van 2017.
DOCVILLE 2017 has passed, the next edition will be March 21-29th 2018. The information below refers to the 2017 edition.

The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse

Directed by Alex Crowton, Balwant "Bobby" Dass
UK | 83 min. | English (no subtitles)

De voorstelling van 27/3 wordt gevolgd door een concert van een Sparklehorse tribute band in het STUK Café

Mark Linkous, tragic cult figure and driving force behind the group Sparklehorse, led a dramatic life with many ups and downs, which is reflected in his music. He was a modest man, a real gentleman, but he struggled with addiction and severe depression, which eventually drove him to suicide. Musically he balanced between country, psychedelic pop and punk and felt like no other, a balance between sweet nostalgia and brutal noise. Angela Faye Martin, a friend of Linkous, is our guide in this portrait of a brilliant and diverse musician who comes to life in the conversations including Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), John Parish, Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid) and Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev).

The musical influence of Sparklehorse is hard to overstate. Many indie musicians cite him as a major inspiration. Glitterpaard (Glitter Horse) is a musical tribute to Sparklehorse and after the screening a number of his songs will be performed in the STUKcafé. The collective Glitter Horse consists of Philip Bosschaerts (Mintzkov, vocals, guitar), Johan Verckist (Shun Club, vocals, guitar), Frederik Bastiaensen (Marble Sounds, bass), Damien Vanderhasselt (Creature With The Atom Brain, drums) and Sarah Pepels ( Portland, keyboards, backing vocals). "

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Producer Alex Crowton, Balwant "Bobby" Dass
Music Angela Faye Martin