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Waiting for GiraffesMarco de Stefanis

A Palestinian vet tries to replace the giraffes who died in the zoo where he works. But how can the only zoo in occupied territory create more space for its animals, when even if the people living there are confined to a small closed environment? Will the giraffes be a first step in overcoming the conflict between people? A completely different view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The zoo in Qalqilya, a Palestinian village near the Israeli border, is the only form of recreation for the children in the neighborhood. However, due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict they have recently lost many animals. Dr. Sami, the veterinarian at the zoo, is trying to replace the popular giraffes. To do so, he must cooperate with other zoos, including one Israeli zoo. Obviously political relations become clear very quickly. Nevertheless, Dr. Sami will not rest until the zoo of Qalqilya meets the international requirements needed for a smooth cooperation with other zoos around the world.
Waiting for Giraffes is more than a documentary about a zoo. The quest of Dr. Sami to gain international recognition reflects the harsh reality and the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even a zoo experiences that the West Bank is all about politics. But this film is not all doom and gloom, in fact director Marco de Stefanis made this documentary to show that there are indeed positive stories to come out of Palestine.

Vertoond op editie(s) 2017
Screened at edition(s) 2017


The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel
:: 84 min.
Subtitles: English




Marco de Stefanis


Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts


Volya Films


Stefano Bertacchini

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