Sunday night (10th May) all votes have been counted. The first Knack Audience Award goes to Peter Anthony for The Man Who Saved the World.

Final TOP-30 of the festival (max. /7) :

1 The Man who Saved the World 6,74
2 The Wrecking Crew 6,71
3 Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum 6,62
4 The Salt of the Earth 6,59
5 Dancing in Jaffa 6,52
6 Citizenfour 6,33
7 ThuleTuvalu 6,28
8 Ik ben Alice 6,25
9 Night will Fall 6,24
10 Fed Up 6,23
11 Bikes vs Cars 6,23
12 An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story 6,21
13 Wacken 3D 6,15
14 Il gesto delle mani 6,14
15 Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck 6,12
16 Land Grabbing 6,04
17 Red Army 6,00
18 Pixadores 5,97
19 1971 5,97
20 The Wanted 18 5,94
21 Art & Craft 5,92
22 Above and Below 5,90
23 The Russian Woodpecker 5,88
24 Killer Slope 5,86
25 Dreamcatcher 5,80
25 Tales of the Grim Sleeper 5,80
27 Hadwin's Judgement 5,79
28 Deep Time 5,79
29 Garnet's Gold 5,77
30 Hockney 5,77


Like always, the selection of DOCVILLE is a balanced mix of highlights of the international festival circuit and brand new productions, often going in European or world premiere at the festival. Many directors are present during the screenings to introduce and/or Q&A their film at the festival. Almost all docs are either spoken or subtitled in English (check film details for more information).

The festivals opens with Tales of the Grim Sleeper, an exiting doc-thriller from documentary grandmaster Nick Broomfield. Citizenfour, the amazing story of whistleblower Edward Snowden and winnaar of the Oscar for Best Documentary will have its Belgian premiere at the festival. In The Immortalists we get to know two scientists trying to find the secret to immortality, each in their own way.
DOCVILLE also present a few titles that feature such amazing stories, that you'd think is a new James Bond sequel you've never heard of. Like Mirage Man, a documentary that explains how the American government willingly created the UFO-myth. Or The Russion Woodpecker: an amazing complot-theory will unfold as we learn the Tsjernobyl accident wasn't really an accident.

But DOCVILLE also stands for beautitful, personal stories. Like Sam Klemkes Time Machine, the autobiography of failed wannabe film maker Sam Klemkes. Or Garnet's Gold about an older man, finally looking for the long lost treasure he believe he found when he was a young lad.

New addition to the festival are the docs for kids, with ao. Dancing in Jaffa.

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There is no denying this trend: documentaries increasingly use elements taken from narrative cinema. A growing number of documentaries use elements from specific genres: thrillers, crime stories or horror movies. DOCVILLE dedicates a series to this phenomenon and selected 5 thrilling docs: Tales of the Grim Sleeper, The Man Who Saved the World, 1971, The Arms Drop, Cropsey en The Imposter

In light of this series, DOCVILLE organizes a lecture on Adding Drama to Documentary.

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