A Better ManAttiya Khan, Lawrence Jackman

Since the #metoo movement started happening, countless women have shared testimonies about abuse and violence. A highly necessary and important shift. But what is the next step? A Better Man shows the impact of an honest testimony and a new and nuanced look at the recovery process, both for victim and perpetrator.

Attiya was 18 years old when she was abused by her then-boyfriend Steve. 22 years later she feels strong enough for an honest testimony and a confrontation with Steve. She meets up with him and together they have a series of conversations that show the impact of domestic violence on the level of a relationship and an individual. Not only Attiya, but Steve himself is trying to find out what was going on at the time and whether Steve is ready to take responsibility for his actions. Footage of conversations between Steve and Attiya are alternated with loving moments between Attiya and her family. A Better Man not only tells the story of two individuals trying to process their past, but also has the goal to let the audience take action, both in their own relationships and in the broader social context in which abuse takes place. There are many similarities with the #metoo movement: Why did Attiya wait so long before she testified? What is the role of the perpetrator in the recovery process? And if forgiveness is out of the question, is there a way to reconcile?

Crime Society

Vertoond op editie(s) 2018
Screened at edition(s) 2018


Directed by Attiya Khan, Lawrence Jackman
2017 85 min.
Subtitles: English




Attiya Khan, Lawrence Jackman


Justine Pimlott, Christine Kleckner


Iris Ng


Lawrence Jackman


Lesley Barber

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