Chasing ChildhoodEden Wurmfeld, Margaret Munzer Loeb

From which age would you let your child play on the street without supervision, take the bus or cycle to school alone? What if your child turns the neighborhood upside down playing ding-dong ditch or climbs a tall tree without protective gear? As parents, we have become increasingly concerned for our offspring: we have to protect them from murderous traffic and pedophiles. Playing is only allowed in a controlled, safe environment and mischievous pranks have become illegal. But is this really helping our children? Stress and anxiety disorders are increasingly common in young children. Chasing Childhood looks for solutions and is a necessary plea for a less curated childhood.

Genevieve always wanted the absolute best for her daughter Savannah. She encouraged her, believed in her and enrolled her in all kinds of activities and courses at school. Ultimately, Savannah grew into an academically successful, but mentally fragile woman. The years of well-intentioned pressure had taken its toll. For Genevieve this is a painful wake-up call that prompts her to warn other overprotective parents. After all, she is not alone. In all walks of life, regardless of socioeconomic status, more and more children are victims of well-intentioned parents and their tireless efforts to protect them and bring out the best in them. Stress, depression and anxiety disorders are the result. A countermovement is emerging that emphasizes more freedom in childhood. A less regulated childhood that gives our children a better chance of growing up into happy young people and adults.

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Vertoond op editie(s) 2021
Screened at edition(s) 2021


Directed by Eden Wurmfeld, Margaret Munzer Loeb
2020 85 min.
No subtitles




Eden Wurmfeld, Margaret Munzer Loeb


Eden Wurmfeld, Lisa Eisenpresser


Justin Schein


Mary Ann Toman


David Cieri

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