Facebook depression. Instagram addiction. Cyberbullying. The internet and social media are starting to look like Pandora's box, ruining our youngest generations. But is that really the case? Or is it an unfounded fear prompted by the omnipresence of the online world? In short, does the internet make us unhappy?

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DOCVILLE + are follow-up discussions, debates, extensive lectures, ... that start from a subject cited by a film, but transcend the concrete film.

Kids these days

Growing up in the 21st century comes with its own challenges. The impact of the internet and social media are undeniable. Older generations like to look back nostalgically at their younger years, before there were smartphones, and when there were less safety rules and hassle. Is today's youth a lost cause? A kaleidoscopic look at the many facets of growing up, back then and right now.

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