Decolonisation of Museums

How do we ensure that the exploitation of African art benefits the African population? The problem can often be traced back to the original wrongful appropriation of art, but it is much more layered. For example, many prestigious art institutions are sponsored by semi-colonial multinationals. Despite the generous image of those companies, the flow of money still continues to flow only to the west. And Africa earns nothing from its own art.

Discussion with Bambi Ceuppens (Museum Tervuren), Philippe De Boeck (Anthropology in Afrika - KU Leuven), Nadia Nsayi (author ‘Dochter van de dekolonisatie’ and co-curator of ‘Een eeuw Congolese kunst in Antwerpen’ in MAS) and Renzo Martens (director White Cube)

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Africa Kolonialisme

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