Fadma: Even Ants Have WingsJawad Rhalib

It is summertime in a small village in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. While the men take a nap or play cards, the women, with or without a child on their backs, lug water up the hills and take care of the household. It has always been this way and it will remain so ... until Fadma makes her entrance. A wonderfully small and often very funny story about the struggle for more equality between men and women.

When free-spirited Fadma goes on vacation with her husband from Casablanca to his home village, she rocks the boat. This spirited, proud woman refuses to resign herself to the age-old role patterns in the village. She and her husband have a very different relationship. She tells women about gender equality and urges them to strike. If the men do not help with the household, the women should refuse to cook. Shaking their heads, the men descend to the local village pub, but after a week they realize that the women are serious. Reluctantly, under the guidance of the local imam, they enter into conversation with their wives. Life in the mountain village will no longer be the same, but will the women succeed?

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents ten strong Belgian documentaries. Films that explore unknown territory - such as the oldest Belgian art gallery or a juvenile prison - as well as films that look beyond our borders. Films made by experienced directors as well as by young, new talent. The strongest production will win the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

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Directed by Jawad Rhalib

2020 80 min.
Subtitles: French, English


Belgian selection


Jawad Rhalib

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