FaithValentina Pedicini

An intimate journey into a world of extreme devotion. War monks live in isolation in an Italian monastery. For 20 years they have been preparing through prayer and demanding martial arts training for a "higher war," in which they want to fight evil in the name of the Father. Radical devotion captured in poetic black and white photography.

They are called war monks. A group of former martial arts champions living together in an isolated monastery in the Italian hills. Led by a kung fu master, they live as Christian monks with an Asian touch. Their days are filled with prayers and intense physical training. The shaved warriors (men, women and children) barely leave the monastery. They choose to live outside of society and do everything for their faith, with only one goal: to fight evil in the name of their faith. They are willing to sacrifice everything: the group is their new family, the monastery their only home. A place full of warmth, but also full of incredibly demanding training sessions.

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International selection

International competition for best documentary. The winning film is awarded the Canvas Jury Award and will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

Religion Visually stunning

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Directed by Valentina Pedicini
2020 34 min.
Subtitles: English


International selection


Valentina Pedicini


Donatella Palermo

Production company

Stemal Entertainment


Bastian Esser


Luca Mandrile


Federico Campana

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