How You Really Make DecisionsToby Macdonald

Our choices are not as rational as we think, not even when it comes to money. All kinds of psychological factors play a part in every decision. With his research professor Kahneman proves that our choices may not be rational, but that they do follow predictable patterns. If ratio does not guide us, what does?

We are convinced that we make rational choices all day long but professor Daniel Kahneman proved the opposite. His insights earned him a Nobel Prize in economics and led to so-called "behavioral economics". This discipline investigates how social, cognitive and emotional factors play a role in our financial decisions. Kahneman demonstrated that our intuition often takes the lead, even though we tell ourselves through all kinds of stories that we trust rational ideas. BBC investigates Kahneman's findings in How You Really Make Decisions. Hidden patterns of thought are uncovered and the battle between intuition and logic is thoroughly explored.

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It's the economy stupid

Economy. Otherwise known as those pages in the newspaper most people skip. However, economy plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life: will I find a job? Why is real estate so expensive? How can a country go bankrupt? Whether you like it or not, it’s all about the money ... DOCVILLE looks at this multifaceted theme from macro-economics to mini projects with a guaranteed basic income to the intriguing world of behavioral economy in which the often irrational behavior of people is translated into predictable models.

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Directed by Toby Macdonald
2014 60 min.
Subtitles: English


It's the economy stupid


Toby Macdonald


Zoe Heron, Toby Macdonald

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