My RembrandtOeke Hoogendijk

The director of the Rijksmuseum is in a frantic bidding war with the Louvre; a passionate art dealer may have found an undiscovered piece; a collector cannot decide where to put his favorite work. 350 years after his death, Dutch grandmaster Rembrandt still fascinates countless people.

Director Oeke Hoogendijk was already convinced of the fact that art can have an impact centuries after it is made. In her earlier documentaries Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum and Marten en Oopjen, art was already key. Now she focuses on a few devoted collectors who live for their collection. There is an eccentric Scottish duke who still considers his Rembrandt - Old Woman reading - as the most powerful person in his house. When the Netherlands and France come into conflict about the possession of Rembrandt's wedding portraits, the passion flares up. And when Jan Six is accused of having sold false Rembrandts, Hoogendijk's storytelling once again has you on the edge of your seat.

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Directed by Oeke Hoogendijk
2019 37 min.
Nederlands, Frans, Engels
Subtitles: Dutch, French




Oeke Hoogendijk

Production company

Discours Film BV


Sander Snoep, Gregor Meerman


Gys Zevenbergen


Alex Simu, Juho Nurmela

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