Nelly & NadineMagnus Gertten

1945. A woman with Asian roots looks straight into the camera. Nadine Hwang is one of the survivors who was transferred to Sweden from Ravensbrück concentration camp. A year earlier she met Nelly, the love of her life, in the camp. Special archive footage tells the wonderful life story of both women, a fantastic and surprising love story that you will never forget.

In 2007, director Magnus Gertten saw archive footage from 1945 showing survivors from German concentration camps arriving in Malmö, Sweden. Fascinated by the stories behind the many faces, he set out to investigate. In 2011, he made the documentary Harbour of Hope in which he tells the life stories of three children who could be seen in the archive images when they arrived in Sweden. In 2015, the documentary Every Face Has a Name followed, in which he continued his search of stories behind the people in the images. He kept the best story for the last part of his trilogy: the unlikely love story of Nelly and Nadine who meet on Christmas Eve 1944 in the concentration camp of Ravensbrück. In the last months of the war they get separated, but they manage to find each other again and even share their lives together, even though they keep their love affair a secret from family and friends. Nelly's granddaughter delves into her grandmother's personal records and reveals the unlikely life story of Nelly and Nadine.

Historical documentary Love Remarkable stories

Vertoond op editie(s) 2022
Screened at edition(s) 2022


Directed by Magnus Gertten
Sweden, Belgium, Norway
2022 92 min.
English, French, Spanish, Swedish
Subtitles: English


Fond of Footage | International selection


Magnus Gertten


Ove Rishøj Jensen


Caroline Troedsson


Jesper Osmund & Phil Jandal


Marthe Belsvik Stavrum

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