OverseasSung-A Yoon

Many Filipino women go abroad to work as domestic help. It is often a leap into the unknown, as they leave everything behind, including their husband and children. The camera follows these women with understanding and tenderness during a training course to prepare them for an uncertain future. Not a cliche story about social exploitation, but one about companionship and female determination.

In the Philippines, women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. In order to do so, they frequently leave their own children behind, before throwing themselves into the unknown. In one of the many training centers dedicated to domesti

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents ten strong Belgian documentaries. Films that explore unknown territory - such as the oldest Belgian art gallery or a juvenile prison - as well as films that look beyond our borders. Films made by experienced directors as well as by young, new talent. The strongest production will win the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

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Directed by Sung-A Yoon
2019 90 min.
English, Filipino
Subtitles: Dutch, English


Belgian selection


Sung-A Yoon


Isabelle Truc, Hanne Phlypo, Quentin Laurent


Dieter Diependaele


Frederic Verrieres

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