Passion: Zwischen Revolte und ResignationChristian Labhart

In the 1970s, filmmaker Christian Labhart was still protesting nuclear energy wearing a sweater he knitted himself. Today, married with children, he looks back at his activist past. An impressive musical essay about the loss of connectedness and idealism.

Almost 50 years ago, many young people around the world believed that their engagement and activism would trigger a major change. In this essay film, Labhart investigates what is left of their expectations and dreams. Recent images are accompanied by words from left-wing thinkers such as Franz Kafka and Bertolt Brecht. Global warming, war, over-consumption, refugee crises and inequality ... despite all the warnings, the world continues to move deeper into the capitalist jungle. Labhart's personal relationship with activism is also discussed. He shows how he slowly changed, alongside major worldwide changes. The St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach, sung by Collegium Vocale, is the perfect soundtrack for this intimate film about the loss of connection and idealism.

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International selection

International competition for best documentary. The winning film is awarded the Canvas Jury Award and will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

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Directed by Christian Labhart
2019 80 min.
Subtitles: English


International selection


Christian Labhart

Production company

Kosmos Film GmbH


Pio Corradi, Simon Guy Fässler


Annette Brütsch

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