Piketty and the history of inequality

Capitalism is based on a fundamental fallacy. That is the conclusion reached by Thomas Piketty, professor of economics, in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which became an unexpected bestseller. Is he a genius or a dangerous radical?

Lecture by prof. Wouter Ryckbosch (VUB), specialized in history of inequality. With Davidsfonds.


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It's the economy stupid

Economy. Otherwise known as those pages in the newspaper most people skip. However, economy plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life: will I find a job? Why is real estate so expensive? How can a country go bankrupt? Whether you like it or not, it’s all about the money ... DOCVILLE looks at this multifaceted theme from macro-economics to mini projects with a guaranteed basic income to the intriguing world of behavioral economy in which the often irrational behavior of people is translated into predictable models.

Economy Philosophy Dutch spoken or subtitled

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Docville PLUS | It's the economy stupid