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A few years ago, Camilla Nielsson won an award at DOCVILLE with Democrats, a staggering documentary about the political struggle in Zimbabwe. In this controversial sequel, she provides a special insight into a crucial period in the recent history of Zimbabwe with an intimate portrait of presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa who, averse to all opposition and even open threats, continues to campaign, in the (vain?) hope for a fair election.

Over the past year, the term "electoral fraud" was ubiquitous in elections in the United States. Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa also called the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe "stolen elections." He was the challenger of Emmerson Mnangagwa, aka the Crocodile, leader of the ruling ZANU-PF party. Young Chamisa, a lawyer and leader of the opposition party MDC, is popular and profiles himself as the hero of the oppressed people. But will he manage to avoid corruption? As the elections approach, tensions rise within the population and riots break out. There are casualties, but Chamisa's supporters are willing to risk their lives in order to vote.

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De vertoning van 13.06 wordt gevolgd door een nagesprek met Arne Gilles (MO Magazine)


Directed by Camilla Nielsson
Denmark, Norway, U.S., Zimbabwe
2021 130 min.
English, Shona
No subtitles




Camilla Nielsson


Henrik Bohn Ipsen


Jeppe Bødskov


Jonas Colstrup

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