Sicherheit 123Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler

The Swiss are known for their precision and thoroughness. This observing documentary looks at a continuous series of actions driven by the fear of a worst-case scenario in the Alps. All risks must be contained. Avalanches are caused to prevent unexpected avalanches, picturesque villages welcome concrete dams and falling rocks are collected. The enchanting illusion of a comprehensive certainty.

The peaceful Alps look increasingly disorienting, a bit surreal even. Protective structures are popping up everywhere, intended to curb the increasing risks of avalanches and floods. Rescue scenarios are devised and practiced. This documentary calmly confronts us with the human obsession for risk management. The (vain) hope of safety engineers and technicians to minimize the individual’s vulnerability in this immense landscape is captured in breathtaking images.

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Outside the dox

Outside the Dox is the colorful home of documentaries that dare to deviate from the classic approach. Films that experiment with form or content and thus broaden and enrich the genre. This year, among others, we present a cinematographic gem that knows how to convey a penetrating message without words; a film that is built up like a symphony and a film that is completely made up of found-footage material. Intriguing, uplifting, disturbing and fascinating.

Essay Visually stunning

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Saul's 108th Story
Joshua Carlon 6 min.

1950, Brooklyn, New York… Alles wat Saul echt wil doen is rondhangen met zijn vrienden en naar het strand gaan. Het liep voor hem echter nét iets anders af, wanneer hij op zijn nieuwe job de schrik -en het verhaal- van zijn leven oploopt.

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Directed by Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler
2019 72 min.
Subtitles: English


Outside the dox


Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler

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