Super Size Me 2: Holy ChickenMorgan Spurlock

When there was finally a consensus that fast food is truly unhealthy to eat, the fast food industry faced a big challenge. There was pressure to offer healthier food. Or... at least keep up appearances. Suddenly, fast food chains started selling salads and pictures of fresh vegetables appeared on the walls. Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock gets a job in the fast food business and exposes all the misleading strategies that are being applied.

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It's the economy stupid

Economy. Otherwise known as those pages in the newspaper most people skip. However, economy plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life: will I find a job? Why is real estate so expensive? How can a country go bankrupt? Whether you like it or not, it’s all about the money ... DOCVILLE looks at this multifaceted theme from macro-economics to mini projects with a guaranteed basic income to the intriguing world of behavioral economy in which the often irrational behavior of people is translated into predictable models.

Economy Psychology Health Society Mildly comical

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Directed by Morgan Spurlock
2017 93 min.
Subtitles: English


It's the economy stupid


Morgan Spurlock

Production company

Snoot Entertainment


David Vlasits


Pierre Takal


Jeff Meegan, David Tobin

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