The Prophet and the Space AliensYoav Shamir

In December 1973 Claude Vorilhon meets a UFO with space creatures for the first time, who came to earth especially for him. Because he gets the assignment to spread an important message. Claude changes his name to Raël and establishes a new atheistic religion, based on science. A religion where free love and total pacifism is central which has him as the new messiah.

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De vertoning van 27.09 wordt gevolgd door een nagesprek met Olivier Faelens (Studie- en Adviesgroep Sekten)


Directed by Yoav Shamir
Austria, Israel
2020 86 min.
English, French, Duyla, Japanese
Subtitles: English




Yoav Shamir


Tanya Aizikovich, Steven Markovitz, Yoav Shamir

Production company

Yoav Shamir Films, Big World Cinema, WILDart FILM e.U.


Tanya Aizikovich


Neta Dvorkis, Roland Stöttinger


Manfred Plessl

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