Trials of money

An unusual court case concerning money. Director Christophe Meierhans invites the audience to participate in the ultimate lawsuit. Various testimonials try to answer the question: is money guilty or not? The people in the audience can judge, become a prosecutor, defender and jury. A controversial theater experience that can radically change your view on and your attitude towards money.


This play is entirely in English

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It's the economy stupid

Economy. Otherwise known as those pages in the newspaper most people skip. However, economy plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life: will I find a job? Why is real estate so expensive? How can a country go bankrupt? Whether you like it or not, it’s all about the money ... DOCVILLE looks at this multifaceted theme from macro-economics to mini projects with a guaranteed basic income to the intriguing world of behavioral economy in which the often irrational behavior of people is translated into predictable models.

Economy Society Mildly comical

DOCVILLE is uitgesteld tot 23/9-1/10/2020. Meer info snel



It's the economy stupid