Yab YumAnna Maria van 't Hek

What happened behind the closed doors of Yab Yum, the most notorious luxury brothel in Amsterdam for many years? Celebrities came and went in this iconic house of ill fame, where the nights were legendary and the days non-existent. Ten years ago, it fell into the hands of shady criminals and finally it had to close its doors. Insiders look back, sharing juicy stories full of nostalgia about legendary moments in the famous establishment. An unabashed glimpse into an iconic brothel, which was one of the most famous in the world.

Today, all that remains of Yab Yum are bold stories and intoxicating memories. Director Anna Maria van 't Hek gives the iconic house a final farewell. The building opens its doors one last time for a tour full of special memories. A last glimpse into the special rooms and secrets of Yab Yum.

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International selection

International competition for best documentary. The winning film is awarded the Canvas Jury Award and will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

Psychology Visually stunning Dutch spoken or subtitled

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Directed by Anna Maria van 't Hek
The Netherlands
2020 75 min.
Dutch, English
Subtitles: Dutch


International selection


Anna Maria van 't Hek


Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen

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Tim Kerbosch

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