Science FrictionEmery Emery

Scientific experts and the media: it is often a difficult match. Due to the fundamental difference in their nature - thorough research versus the need for fast and preferably spectacular news - there is an inevitable tension. But sometimes there is more to it and there are downright rogue tactics. A staggering, at times hilarious, documentary about an important social evolution.

The corona crisis has repeatedly and painfully shown it: reporting in the media via experts is not always easy. A scientist's single sentence that is part of a wider argument is sometimes taken out of context, giving it a completely different meaning. Several scientists and media experts reveal high-profile examples of the frenzied interaction between media and scientists. Whether it's about vaccinations, climate change or even the belief in a flat earth, experts are brought out and their statements sometimes outright twisted. All at the service of a sensational narrative to lure viewers, and to proclaim a message that may deviate completely from the original content or discredit scientists.


In collaboration with KU Leuven.


Media Science Mildly comical

Vertoond op editie(s) 2022
Screened at edition(s) 2022


Directed by Emery Emery
2021 86 min.
No subtitles




Emery Emery


Brian Dunning, Emery Emery


Brian Dunning

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Skeptoid Media


Emery Emery

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