A Storm ForetoldChristoffer Guldbrandsen

Roger Stone, Trump's political godfather, gave documentary filmmaker Guldbrandsen unprecedented access to his life, from 2018 to just after the Capitol riots in early 2021. A wild, mind-boggling ride through Stone's sharp worldview. Disconcerting and perplexing.

For 40 years, Roger Stone cleaned up Trump's dirty work. In 2018, he gives Danish filmmaker Guldbrandsen full access to his life for 3 years. He filmed Stone being applauded, cheered on and protected by radical Proud Boys. Stone mocks people who are different, bullies subordinates and spreads hateful rumors about opponents. A disconcerting portrait that shows that the attack on the Capitol was the logical conclusion of a long-standing discourse.

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The screening of 24.03 will be followed by an extended Q&A with De Morgen journalist and America-specialist Maarten Rabaey (in Dutch)


Directed by Christoffer Guldbrandsen
2023 90 min.
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Christoffer Guldbrandsen

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