BuskingTimo Vergauwen

It seemed like a great plan: folk musicians Joel Ludford and Anna Moss were going traveling with a self-built tour bus from Arkansas, USA, to Argentina. But a serious car accident thwarts their plans: the bus is destroyed and Joel ends up in a wheelchair for several months. Will their love and dreams remain intact?

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents ten strong Belgian documentaries. Films that explore unknown territory - such as the oldest Belgian art gallery or a juvenile prison - as well as films that look beyond our borders. Films made by experienced directors as well as by young, new talent. The strongest production will win the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

Dutch spoken or subtitled Roadmovie Music Portret

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Directed by Timo Vergauwen
2020 68 min.
Subtitles: Dutch


Belgian selection


Timo Vergauwen


Tomas Leyers, Marc Goyens

Production company

Minds Meet


Jérôme Bartholomeus


Handmade Moments, Rainbow Girls

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