Citizen SleuthChris Kasick

True Crime is more popular than ever and podcasts from amateur sleuths like Emily Nestor are very succesful. Currently, Nestor is investigating the possible murder of a young woman, and its cover-up.  But what if the business aspect of her true crime series takes over? What if the number of listeners becomes more important than the truth?

Emily Nestor from West Virginia is on a mission. She wants to prove that the deceased Jaleayah Davis was murdered. She extensively covers the murder theories by the vicitim's mother and catches widespread attention. Her podcast is a huge succes, making Nestor a local celebrity. But could it be that, in the end, Davis just died of natural causes? If so, wouldn't this make Nestor lose all her audience, credibility and income in one fell swoop? This work provides a critical look at the phenomenon of amateur sleuths taking on the role of experts and profitting from other people's tragedies.

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Directed by Chris Kasick
2023 82 min.
Subtitles: English




Chris Kasick


Chris Kasick, Tyler Davidson, Fabiola Washburn, Drew Sykes, Jared Washburn


Jared Washburn


Jeff Gilbert

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