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Two Norwegian sisters decide to buy a new appartment. Their lives turn upside down when they meet the seller of their house. She looks identical to their third sister, who committed suicide thirty years ago. 

Norwegian sisters Kari and May are devout believers who see divine signs everywhere, in everything and in everyone. One of those signs convinces them to start looking for an apartment to live closer together. Unexpectedly, the search turns their lives completely upside down. The apartment's saleswoman looks exactly like their third sister, yet she committed suicide thirty years ago. What makes the whole thing even more suspicious is that the saleswoman has the same pet name as their deceased sibling. That can't be a coincidence, can it? It is the unexpected meeting between these sisters and the saleswoman that prompted this extraordinary documentary, an attempt to unravel the mysterious secrets of this bizarre family.

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Directed by Maria Fredriksson
Sweden, Norway, Denmark
2023 108 min.
Subtitles: English




Maria Fredriksson


Ina Holmqvist

Production company

Ballad Film


Mark Bukdahl, Orvar Anklew

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