CorpusSofie Hanegreefs, Jelle Janssens

500 years after his death, Andreas Vesalius takes us on a deepdive into the human condition. Is there a way to transcend our mortality, or the fear of it? Five contemporary pioneers, like Vesalius, combine art and science to explore the human body. DOCVILLE screens this film in a unique place: the old anatomical theater of the KU Leuven.

The inevitability of suffering is part of the human condition. Through highly aesthetic and poetic imagery, the filmmakers ask the existential questions about mortality. Five extraordinary doctors and artists zoom in on the fragile human body as a place of shadows, beauty, mystery and wonder. A film that excites, inspires and makes one think about how to deal with ephemerality.

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents the best Belgian documentaries of the past year in a very varied selection: compelling stories about people who live for their passion, whether it be cycling, circuit riding or mermaids, but also socially probing stories about illegal adoption, the dangers of criticism under Putin, the link between jazz and decolonization or the abominable conditions in Vorst prison. Finally, there are also films with a more philosophical angle on the transience of the human body or the impact of imaging. The best film may call itself the winner of the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

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The screenings of 24.03 will be followed by an Q&A by the directors
The screenings of 25.03 will be followed by an Q&A by the directors


Directed by Sofie Hanegreefs, Jelle Janssens
2024 56 min.
24/03: subtitles: Dutch/French // 27/03: subtitles: English // Dialogues: Dutch, English, Danish
Subtitles: Dutch, French, English


Belgian selection


Sofie Hanegreefs, Jelle Janssens

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