Crazy MoneySteven Janssens

What happens when you give the inhabitants of a small African village a basic income for a period of two years? Organization put this to the test and conducted the experiment in Busibi, Uganda. The impact is extraordinary and produces surprising results. The inhabitants of Busibi developed into true entrepreneurs and the influence of the initiative is still noticeable.

Donating money without giving much advice or attaching any conditions to it: in development aid people have a certain suspicion about it. Yet an experiment in the Ugandan village of Busibi proves that it can work. Organization put it to the test. For two years, residents of Busibi received a basic income into their account via a mobile phone: 16 euros per adult, 8 euros per child. Although it was not a success story for every individual, the organization achieved a number of surprisingly positive results. School attendance shot up and people started businesses and were even able to save some money. The radical approach of proves its success. Steven Janssens followed the project closely and made a documentary about it that shows new possibilities within development work.

Dutch spoken or subtitled Africa Economy

Vertoond op editie(s) 2020
Screened at edition(s) 2020


Directed by Steven Janssens
2020 90 min.
Rutooro, English
Subtitles: Dutch, English


It's the economy stupid | Belgian selection


Steven Janssens


Michel Smets, Steven Janssens

Production company

Village One Film


Leen Anthonissen


Jenne Decleir

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