Danger ZoneVita Maria Drygas

Is visiting a war zone the ultimate tourist experience? It could be. Some tour operators now organise special trips to zones of conflict, just for the thrill, to feel alive again or to be able to sell it as a cool story. A staggering clash between two worlds.

Eleonora wants a break from her own 'empty' life in Los Angeles and hopes to discover the 'raw and real' world in Afghanistan. Rick could not enlist and, as an alternative, decided to organise his own 'conflict zone tours', with promises of real ammunition and real danger. Do these trips lead travellers to the realisation that they are lucky they were not born in war zones? And how do the locals, stuck in conflict with no choice, experience the curious gazes of searching tourists?

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Directed by Vita Maria Drygas
2023 93 min.
English, Italian
Subtitles: English




Vita Maria Drygas

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