Draw for Change - Drawing A Line (India)Sama Pana

Sama Pana's socially relevant drawings have a large following among young, progressive Indians, but they are also subject of discussion. As she is being sued for three cartoons, it is with humour and tenacity, but also with doubt and fear that she awaits her trial.

In six episodes, the documentary series Draw for Change zooms in on women cartoonists from around the world who are challenging boundaries and norms in their societies. Rachita Taneja is popular among young, free-spirited Indians. With her Sanitary Panels series, she provides sharp socio-political commentary on Indian society through simple stick figures. But this is not without danger, in December 2020, she was prosecuted for three cartoons. Taneja has to be extremely careful, not only in her drawings, but also in her involvement with this documentary.

Before and after the screening, you can experience the VR experience Existimos Resistimos, created for the Draw for Change series (free of charge, in the same venue)

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This screening will be in the presence of the director and cartoonist (main character) from the film.


Directed by Sama Pana
2023 74 min.
English, Hindi
Subtitles: Dutch




Sama Pana

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Clin d'oeil films

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