Hetty presents: reading minds, revolutionary worms and funny robots

Hetty Helsmoortel invites three speakers to talk about artificial intelligence, lie detectors and learning worms. The three interactive lectures at the level of children from about 8 years old are all about brains, in the broad sense of the word: the brains of people, worms or artificial intelligence. Do you ever tell a white lie? Lie detectors could read minds and know when you're lying. How exactly do the detectors work? We'll test it live. What can we learn from worms that learn? More than we think!

Featuring engaging, interactive readings for children from:

  • Thomas Winters - Do you like to write stories? Do you ever improvise entire scenes? Did you know that computers can do that too these days? Find out how they can in this interactive lecture full of improvisation and creative writing with artificial intelligence!
  • Anne Willems & Anna Wester - Reading thoughts, see how it's done
  • Lucas Mergan - What we can learn from worms that learn

Science For kids Mildly comical

Vertoond op editie(s) 2023
Screened at edition(s) 2023