HollywoodgateIbrahim Nash'at

In 2021, the U.S. military pulled out of Afghanistan in a hurry. Documentary filmmaker Ibrahim Nash'at follows a Taliban commander for a year while he takes over the CIA base Hollywoodgate. The abandoned base bulges with materials and information as a true treasure trove. Gradually, the Taliban come to realise that managing an administration is not the same as leading a terrorist group.

In his youth, Ibrahim Nash'at met several people who looked up to the Taliban. Growing up, he took a critical stance, and ended up in journalism. In 2021, when the Taliban regained power, he wanted to know what would become of the people of Afghanistan, and share it with the world. During a year he films in a reconquered CIA base. The Taliban, of course, determine what he is allowed to see, but Nash'at doesn't allow himself to be reduced to a mere mouthpiece for their propaganda. In his work he manages to puncture the group's image by showcasing the occasional absurdity of their rule.

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The screening of 27.03 will be followed by a Q&A with Pieter Van Ostaeyen (KU Leuven) (in Dutch)


Directed by Ibrahim Nash'at
USA, Germany
2023 89 min.
Dari, English
Subtitles: English




Ibrahim Nash'at

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