Hong Kong Mixtape San San F Young

In the wake of massive protests in Hong Kong, China enacts a new national security law restricting certain words, images, books, slogans and songs. However, thanks to an underground network of artists groups, it appears that the fight for the freedoms that once characterised Hong Kong is still being fervently fought.

In June 2020, the student protests in Hong Kong came to an abrupt end. The introduction of the National Security Act forcefully silenced millions of citizens. Although they are no longer allowed to speak freely, many freedom fighters are now seeking a voice through art. A veritable network of underground artists, dancers, performers, illustrators and performance artists has emerged, each using their creativity in an attempt to preserve their culture. Hong Kong Mixtape is the evidence that people will always find a way to speak through art and perseverance; their voices will be heard louder than ever.

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Directed by San San F Young
2023 86 min.
English, Cantonese
Subtitles: English




San San F Young


Nikki Parrott, San San F Young

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