If Only Night Wouldn't FallMarc Schmidt

In an attempt to eliminate stress, anxiety and other mental health problems, three subjects try to rid their life of all "abnormalities". Do we really become happier when we do not experience setbacks, insecurity or imperfection?

Today, data provides answers to all our questions, even when it comes to mental health. In an attempt to avoid anxiety disorders and optimise mental health, three test subjects try to life without "abnormalities". This way, they hope to find their ultimate true self, without mental problems. But which behaviour do we classify as "normal" and which as "abnormal"? Did we get lost in the search for our ultimate self? Using long-term observations and data collection, filmmaker Marc Schmidt explores the potential of prevention rather than cures in the mental health field.

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The screening of 25.03 will be followed by a Q&A by Mark Schmidt and prof. Stephan Claes (UZ Leuven) (in Dutch)


Directed by Marc Schmidt
The Netherlands, Belgium
2023 82 min.
Dutch, English, Norwegean
Subtitles: English




Marc Schmidt


Eline van Wees, Simone Van Den Broek


Saskia Kievits

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