Imposed PieceBrecht Vanhoenacker

The Queen Elisabeth Competition is as majestic as the name suggests. We follow the 12 finalists during the 8 days they are given to practice a piece written especially for them - in complete isolation. A beautiful and delicate film that honors the tasteful character of the competition.

In 2015 the triennial violin competition took place. In Imposed Piece we follow the twelve finalists who study hard in a music chapel for eight days. Their isolation is complete, not even mobile phones are allowed. The documentary records the strict discipline but also the (hidden) uncertainties of the candidates. The main breaking point was the imposed piece of this edition. Aussi Peu Que Les Nuages by the composer Michael Jarrell with its "many notes and a very fast tempo" does not exactly provide any relief for the candidates. Thanks to its beautiful photography, this documentary honors the tasteful character of the competition. It deals intelligently with the enormous physical efforts of the participants, as well as the satisfaction they derive from playing. While classical music with its stately customs can come across to outsiders as cold, these finalists show their most vulnerable and passionate side.

Music Portret

Vertoond op editie(s) 2018
Screened at edition(s) 2018


Directed by Brecht Vanhoenacker
2017 74 min.
Dutch, English and Korean
Subtitles: English


Belgian selection


Brecht Vanhoenacker


Frank Van Passel


Maximiliaan Dierickx


Dieter Diependaele


Kristof Lebrun, Claudio Mendonck

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