Leave the Bus Through the Broken WindowAndrew Hevia

When a filmmaker arrives in Hong Kong for a documentary about an international art fair, he increasingly loses his way. A personal, completely original and darkly funny documentary about existential questions that seem even more urgent when you are on the other side of the world and you literally have to sleep in a cupboard.

Filmmaker Andrew Hevia flies across the world to make a documentary about the international art fair in Hong Kong. Not everything goes according to plan and he feels increasingly lost. Literally, but mostly figuratively. In the midst of his existential crisis full of loneliness and alienation in this globalized world, he points the camera at himself. In a playful way - the narrative voice is a text-to-speech robot - he ignores all common conventions of documentary making. A post-modern exploration of a personal quest, with the cultural shock of a Westerner in the Hong Kong art world as a fascinating backstory.

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Outside the dox

Outside the Dox is the colorful home of documentaries that dare to deviate from the classic approach. Films that experiment with form or content and thus broaden and enrich the genre. This year, among others, we present a cinematographic gem that knows how to convey a penetrating message without words; a film that is built up like a symphony and a film that is completely made up of found-footage material. Intriguing, uplifting, disturbing and fascinating.

Mildly comical Art

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Mega Sexy Robot Dinosaur
Paul Howard Allen UK 4 min.

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Directed by Andrew Hevia
2019 66 min.
Cantonese, English
Subtitles: English


Outside the dox


Andrew Hevia


Carlos David Rivera

Production company

One Eight Five Films / Studio SV


Andrew Hevia


Carlos David Rivera


Gavin Brivik, Sam Crawford

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