Marching in the DarkKinshuk Surjan

In rural areas of India, the suicide rate among farmers is high. A group of women farmers who have recently lost their husbands decide to meet with a local psychologist and activist to share their stories and problems and help others in their grief. Through that act of quiet rebellion against a patriarchal society, 28-year-old introverted Sanjeevani finds the courage to be self-reliant. A haunting story of resilient women.

Against the background of rising suicide rates among farmers in India, young widow Sanjeevani discovers strength, joy and companionship in a group of resilient women who share in her loss. During sessions with a local psychologist, she gives her grief a place, breaks social taboos and strives for financial independence and a better future for her children. Despite new suicides in her community, she draws strength in facing her grief and helping other women in a highly patriarchal society.
The screening will be followed by an aftertalk with the film maker Kinshuk Surjan and lead character Sanjeevani Bhure.

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This screening is followed by an Q&A with the director


Directed by Kinshuk Surjan
2024 108 min.
Subtitles: Dutch, English


Belgian selection


Kinshuk Surjan

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