Misha and the WolvesSam Hobkinson

In order to escape the Nazis, 7-year-old Jewish Misha goes into hiding in Belgium. Because her foster family treats her badly, she flees. Between the ages of 7 and 11 she survives in the woods, together with a pack of wolves. In 1989 she came out with her exceptional story that has gotten worldwide publicity. Like a puzzle, this documentary reveals a bizarre true story that reads like a movie script.

In her book Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, Misha revealed her exceptional life story. As a Jewish orphan she had wandered through Europe for four years - from Belgium to Ukraine and back. She was able to survive because she was taken in and protected by a pack of wolves. She lived this way from the age of seven to eleven. Her memoirs became a bestseller, were translated in several countries and even made into a film. But a break with her publisher Jane Daniel caused some problems. Daniel decided to investigate. A true mystery unfolds in this extraordinary documentary, with a series of characters individually revealing pieces of the puzzle of this stranger-than-fiction story.

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International selection

International competition for best documentary. The winning film is awarded the Canvas Jury Award and will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

Reconstructing History

Een “reconstructie van de feiten”. Wat een standaardprocedure is bij heel wat gerechtsonderzoeken, vindt ook in de documentairewereld steeds meer ingang. Om een bijzonder verhaal na te vertellen, maken documentairemakers creatief gebruik van verschillende technieken: niet enkel archiefbeelden, maar ook animaties en reconstructies met acteurs tot deep fakes. Het brengt feiten uit het verleden létterlijk tot leven en leidt - toch bij de beste regisseurs - tot razend spannende documentaires die wegkijken als een ware thriller.

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Directed by Sam Hobkinson
2021 90 min.
Subtitles: English


International selection | Reconstructing History


Sam Hobkinson


Will Pugh


Peter Norrey


Nick Foster

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