Moonshot MissionSara Kolster

Is a communication network with quantum bits possible and would it increase security? Building out a quantum Internet could be one of the biggest scientific projects of the coming decades.

In 1969, the first message was successfully transmitted over the Internet, foreshadowing the emerging revolution in communications technology. Today, we face a new revolution: that of the quantum Internet, a fundamentally new way of communicating based on the laws of quantum mechanics that is inherently secure, stable and astonishingly efficient. This could pave the way for applications previously unthinkable.
Quantum scientist and former hacker Stephanie Wehner is on a mission to get the first operational quantum Internet off the ground by 2030. An overwhelming task, completely unhinged according to some, but Wehner believes it can be accomplished -not just by writing scientific papers, but simply by starting to build.

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Directed by Sara Kolster
The Netherlands
2024 17 min.
Subtitles: Dutch


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