Nos Jeunesses PerduesEric D'Agostino

In a prison for young offenders, ten adolescents are serving a sentence. One day they will be released again and have to find their place in society again. That is why they participate in a new pedagogical project. An intense project, for the young people and for their supervisors. A year in prison with minors stuck between a bruised past and an uncertain future.

Regisseur Eric D’agostino is gefascineerd door het meer verborgen gezichten van onze moderne maatschappij. In 2015 stond hij op DOCVILLE met zijn film Ship of Fools, een indrukwekkende inkijk in de psychiatrische afdeling van de gevangenis van Vorst. Met zijn nieuwe film heeft hij oog voor de jongeren die hun jeugd grotendeels verloren hebben. Of zijn ze zelf verloren? Een film die tot nadenken stemt, over de ongemakkelijke, maar levensbelangrijke vraag hoe we ontspoorde jongeren terug willen laten re-integreren in een maatschappij.

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Kids these days

Growing up in the 21st century comes with its own challenges. The impact of the internet and social media are undeniable. Older generations like to look back nostalgically at their younger years, before there were smartphones, and when there were less safety rules and hassle. Is today's youth a lost cause? A kaleidoscopic look at the many facets of growing up, back then and right now.

Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents ten strong Belgian documentaries. Films that explore unknown territory - such as the oldest Belgian art gallery or a juvenile prison - as well as films that look beyond our borders. Films made by experienced directors as well as by young, new talent. The strongest production will win the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

Coming of age Justice

DOCVILLE is uitgesteld tot 23/9-1/10/2020. Meer info snel

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This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director (in English)


Directed by Eric D'Agostino
2019 75 min.
Subtitles: English


Kids these days | Belgian selection


Eric D'Agostino

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Neon Rouge


Laurent Camut


Antoine Donnet

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