Take LightShasha Nakhai

Nigeria is Africa's largest oil producer and with 190 million inhabitants it has the seventh largest population in the world. Yet less than half of Nigerians have access to electricity. Residents who do have access, only have it for at most a few hours a day. Reason enough to not pay the bill, certainly. A cat and mouse game between illegal connections and an energy company that tries to reinvent itself.

The electricity problem affects the daily life of the population and the economic and social progress of Nigeria as a country. Accidents are commonplace and the infrastructure falters on all sides. No one knows the frustrations of the Nigerian population better than Martins, a dedicated family man and electrician. He works for a private energy company and every day he works on the unstable and unreliable infrastructure, while he is also up against black market electricians and the many illegal electrical connections. His colleague Deborah is a marketer whose job it is to collect unpaid bills. Take Light unites the experiences of Martins and Deborah with other compelling and dramatic stories. A captivating portrait of the people behind the statistics, people who continue to hope for improvement despite all the difficulties because "development is a marathon, not a sprint."

Economy Society Africa

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Shasha Nakhai
2018 78 min.
Engels, Pidgin
Subtitles: English




Shasha Nakhai


Shasha Nakhai, Ed Barreveld

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Storyline Entertainment


Rich Williamson


Rich Williamson

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