TerraFormaKevin Brennan, Laurence Durkin

What if you decided to turn a barren rock in the middle of the ocean into a tropical paradise? This is what project Ascension island, in the 19th century was about. It was one of the first terraforming experiments and it did not turn out as expected.

After a million lifeless years, the remote desert island of Ascension was transformed into a tropical paradise through a process of terraforming. From arid plains to lavish hills, a biological resurrection if you will. What more will this unique scientific design process mean for the fate of our planet? How far can this transformation go? In a future where terraforming landscapes are becoming more normal, could human-designed environments forever distort the idea of "nature"?

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Directed by Kevin Brennan, Laurence Durkin
2023 62 min.
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Kevin Brennan, Laurence Durkin


Kevin Brennan, Laurence Durkin

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