The ContestantClair Titley

A Japanese reality TV star left naked in a room for more than a year, tasked with filling out magazine sweepstakes to earn food and clothing. 

Long before Big Brother or Temptation Island became popular in the west, the first reality TV show 'Denpa Shonen: A life in Prizes' was broadcast in Japan in 1998. The premise: for a full year, a man, literally stripped off everything and everyone, has to buy his freedom, food and clothing through beauty pageants. And all this while 15 million viewers watch him live. Together with main character Nasubi and his friends and family, filmmaker Claire Titley looks back on that horrible year. What imprint did the show have on the rest of Nasubi's life?

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Media Mildly comical

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Directed by Clair Titley
2023 90 min.
Subtitles: English




Clair Titley

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