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A lot can be said about the tragic life of Joseph Weber, the misunderstood founder of gravitational wave research. Until his death, he remained a pariah in his field of research and recognition did not come until 16 years after his passing. Through interviews with Nobel laureate Kip Thorne and psychologist Steven Pinker, among others, we learn, like Weber, to look at the world differently.

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For the second year in a row, ScienceVille presents recent scientific documentaries that really must be seen. There are also panel discussions, workshops, debates, ScienceVille for Kids, the award for Best Scientific Documentary and the visit of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Kip Thorne. ScienceVille is back, and how!

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The screening of 23.03 will be followed by DOCVILLE+ talk about the future of the Einstein telescope with the director, prof. Thomas Hertog and prof. Kip Thorne


Directed by Paula Froehle
2024 78 min.
No subtitles




Paula Froehle


Paula Froehle, Hussain Currimbhoy, Steve Cohen

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