The Underground AstronautMarleine van der Werf

Deep beneath our feet lies a true mystery: a gigantic underground network of fungi that keep our ecostystem alive. No one understands éxactly how exactly the intricate systems work. Evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers goes in search of answers. A fragrant and urgent journey into the underground.

The Underground Astronaut is a short documentary that chronicles the incredible research of award-winning evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers and her team on underground fungi. An ancient organism that single-handedly keeps our ecosystem alive by exchanging nutrients and carbon with nearly ALL plants on Earth. But how it works and how they are affected by climate change, no one knows éxactly. So Toby Kiers and her team set out to investigate: they see it as their mission to map and understand the fungal network before it is too late. Because: 'No fungi, no future.'

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Directed by Marleine van der Werf
The Netherlands
2024 17 min.
Subtitles: English


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Marleine van der Werf

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